Our Philosophy

butterfly2We practice and believe in a community based approach to rehabilitation. This approach offers survivors the most direct and effective route to resuming their pre-accident lives to the greatest extent possible. Our philosophy of treatment stresses a functionally oriented approach.

From this perspective, we tend to make much less use of “paper and pencil“ rehabilitation tasks that form the backbone of treatment in many other settings. We begin by assessing the specific strengths and weaknesses of each client, identifying those areas in which they are independent, those areas in which they are dependent and those in which treatment can reasonably be expected to yield functional improvement. From this starting point we seek to maximize client independence, functional adaptation and recovery.

Community based rehabilitation means two things to us:

1) Focusing our treatment on helping injured individuals to regain the practical daily skills that they need to live on an independent basis within their own chosen community.

2) Using naturalistic settings and available community resources as a part of treatment to the greatest extent possible.

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