Krystal Evola

Residential Coordinator


Krystal Evola graduated from Oakland University in 2007 with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Sciences, with a major in Sociology and Social Work. Upon graduation, she began working at Oakland Family Services in the Family Support Unit. Initially, she was a Group Leader for an All-Inclusive Child and Parent Education Program called “Ready Let’s Grow” and “C.H.A.M.P.S” which worked at local Elementary Schools in Pontiac to serve children who would benefit from a support group focused on developing positive self-esteem.  Later, Krystal moved on to join the Family Preservation unit where she served as an Adoption Case Manager for children committed to the State of Michigan. Krystal studied and then provided recommendations for families interested in Adoption and assessed the needs of children waiting to be adopted in order to find a family that could best serve them. After taking a small break to have children, Krystal decided to come back to work, this time focusing on Adults. She joined the RPG team in 2016 as a Residential Coordinator.

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