What is our treatment program?

butterfly2Our programs are individualized and person centered based on the needs and concerns of our residents. We first complete a Functional Living Evaluation. The team will then make recommendations in the following areas: financial skills training, home maintenance tasks, meal planning/preparation, planning/organization and a variety of other skill sets necessary to help the resident become as independent as possible.

Who is on our team?

Our team includes: Speech/Language Pathologists, Vocational Counselors, Occupational Therapists, Recreational Therapists, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants, Certified Brain Injury Specialists, Job Coaches, Life Skills Trainers, and Residential Assistants. Other treatment professionals are utilized as necessary. All are licensed and registered as necessary.

How long must I stay in the program?

RPG℠ is a long-term, semi-independent, residential program and although there are no contracts to sign, we expect a commitment of at least one year from new residents. This allows us to view the resident in a wide variety of settings, develop the best plan, implement the plan, make changes as necessary and review the results. In many instances, given the nature of brain injuries, our residents will reside with us for many years, if not a lifetime.
We also work with residents and external team members on “transition plans”.

What is the criteria for entering the program?

Generally speaking, residents must be able to feed, bathe, toilet and dress themselves. They should be able to be without supervision for several hours during the day and night, although there are some cases in which we will provide 24 hour staffing.

Can I have overnight guests?

Yes, if approval is given by guardian or responsible family member. Of course family members are welcome anytime but we request that if a family member spends the night you let your site supervisor know. You will not be allowed to have family members, or significant other’s move in with you while residing in the program, unless special arrangements are made prior to moving in.

Do you take single parents with children?

Yes, RPG℠ is one of the very few programs that will take single parents with children. However, staffing is not responsible for babysitting your children nor can we transport your children. Additionally, we are sorry to say that children are not allowed to attend RPG℠ community outings. We do, however, allow children as well as other family members to attend some onsite social functions.

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